10 young entrepreneurs to watch

Bright, driven and full of ambition. Meet the entrepreneurial superstars of tomorrow

You would imagine it would be difficult to find 10 UK entrepreneurs aged 25 or under who are already running not just successful businesses, but businesses which are standing out in terms of innovation, ethics, social impact, or just plain ambition.

In fact, we’ve recently found 14 more! Check out our latest pick of the 14 best entrepreneurs to watch in 2014 here.

In 2012 it was difficult to select only 10 (or technically 12, including the three co-founders of BBOXX) from the dozens of teenagers and young people in their early twenties who are showing all the signs of becoming the entrepreneurial superstars of tomorrow.

Starting a business isn’t easy. It requires commitment, hard work, a great idea, the right support, and guts. These qualities can be found in people of any age, but there’s no denying that experience can make the entrepreneurial road a smoother one. It’s encouraging therefore that bright, driven young people, who could make a success of a whole variety of more traditional careers, are instead deciding to take charge of their own destinies.

The following selection of young entrepreneurs are all people who haven’t let age or inexperience hold them back, whether it’s from turning a passion into profit, solving social problems through innovative thinking, or using technology to help make people’s lives easier or safer.

They paint a bright picture of the future of UK enterprise and we’re looking forward to seeing their careers progress.


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