Angel ‘with a name’ sought by inventor

An angel investor prepared to back a new meningitis home-testing kit has the chance to gain fame through their patronage.

Liz Paul, an award-winning inventor, has created a handheld device which can be used by parents to see if their children have the life-threatening illness.

Paul is seeking £350,000 which she says will be enough to take the patented technology through to market

Her company, Medaro Medical Ltd, which has already developed a number of successful products, believes the testing kit will be popular with parents, and has the potential to save the lives of many children.

Figures, from the Department of Health, show that meningitis is the disease most feared by parents when they consider the health of their children.

Paul, herself a mother of three, says the way parents react in the first few minutes of discovering the disease is crucial to their child’s survival.

Parents are currently advised to place a glass on the skin area over the rash and wait to see if it disappears – if it doesn’t then the child may have the illness.

“Many parents, quite understandably, panic and get confused as to how to test their child,” Paul says.

“This device takes the uncertainty away and has a microchip which delivers recorded verbal instructions to the parent telling them what to do.”

In order to increase the attractiveness of her proposal, Paul is offering the willing investor the chance the name the new device after themselves.

“I just thought that it would be a great way for a financier to spend his Christmas bonus,” explains Paul

“With the festive season approaching it is a great way of giving something back.

“Also, it means that they will get the product named after them.”

Paul, a prolific inventor, founded her company Medaro Medical Ltd in 2004 with Colin Kemp in order to develop the many inventions that she was conceiving.

Despite possessing no formal science training she has, through collaboration with experts, successfully taken five products to market and won ‘Female Inventor of the Year’ award in 2004.

Paul’s previous inventions include a patch to control addiction to chocolate, products to improve libido for men and women, and menopause related goods.

Investors interested in backing the company’s meningitis home-testing kit should call 01730 234543 and ask for Liz Paul.

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