Data back up equipment

What do you need to effectively protect your important data from loss?

Remember to store your backed up data away from the original PC. Some small businesses use onsite secure storage such as fireproof safes. These do provide limited security and fire protection but can be expensive for reliable models. Often asking a member of staff to take the files home with them is an effective backup strategy.

There are a number of technologies available to help you backup data:

  • Backup to hard disk. Copying data to another PC is often a quick backup technique, especially if you have them link together on a small network.
  • Writeable DVD and CD is becoming a very common tool used in backups. CDs can store around 650 Megabytes of data. That’s enough to store a backup for most laptop users and small businesses.
  • Memory sticks use solid state electronics ( i.e. no moving parts to store data). It is now possible to buy memory sticks that can store huge amounts of data making these ideal for small businesses.
  • Online email accounts may be used for backups. Create a private email account (for example
  • ) and then email your documents to the account for storage. Simple and effective.
  • Online backups, where your data is copied to a server remote from your location is growing in popularity. This is normally a subscription service that you pay for monthly or annually. Initially a full backup of your system is taken and then any subsequent backup will just contain the changes you have made to the data. For this type of backup to be successful you will need to have a broadband internet link in place. Look out for free offers as new companies come to the market hoping to attract subscribers. As a price guide a PC could be backed up for about 50p per day, a server for about £1.50 per day.

Suppliers of online backup facilities include:


BT Digital Vault

Backup Direct


Source: Backing up data

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