Does your business need a Google+ page?

Our guest reviewer Mark Needham gives us his take on whether start-ups need a presence on Google+

In a recent article for Growing Business (Startups’ sister site), I explained how to set up business pages on the popular social networking sites LinkedIn and Facebook. A business page, unlike a personal page, is there to allow a business to connect with potential customers and to show its wares to the world.

They are free, they are not that difficult to set up, and almost all businesses, big and small, should assign someone to set up a Facebook page for a consumer-facing business and a LinkedIn page for a B2B supplier, if only because you look a bit behind the times without one.

But there are, of course, many more social networking sites and there is a law of diminishing returns in setting up business pages on all of them.

Google+ is the much less well known social networking site launched last year by the search engine giant. It is used mainly by geeks and early adopters, but it is not any better than any other social media site. As US journalist Dan Frommer put it: “It’s like Facebook with no people.”

But there is a reason why you should want to set up a page for your business on a service with no people. You and I may not care about Google+, but Google does.

A Google+ business page is an open invitation to link back to your own website from the most important website in the world. It is free. It will take you five minutes. It is no more difficult than creating a profile on Facebook. Just remember to include the link to your own website. Who cares if nobody else in the world notices – Google will and it will thank you by bumping up your popularity in its search results.

Price  Free
Likely impact on your business  5/10
Likely impact on you                                5/10
Usability 5/10
Pro    Good for Google rank
Con Not as big as Facebook

Mark Needham is the founder of, a specialist B2B distributor of consumer electronic goods. His company’s Google+ page is at



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