How to encourage repeat sales

Make sure your customers keep coming back

You’ll probably find that a large amount of your business is repeat business, particularly if you’re doing things right! So how do you maximise the chances of a customer returning to your business?

Obviously, the whole sales process should be geared towards long-term relationships as well as the individual sale. If you’ve been honest with the customer and built up a good relationship with them all the way through, there’s a high chance they will be a repeat customer.

If you’ve had a successful transaction with a new customer, you’re in a perfect position to make this customer keep coming back to you. Trust is difficult to get but once you have it, you need to use it as much as possible.

It may sound obvious, but the simple act of asking for more business can be extremely helpful. Your aim is to make your business the first thing the customer thinks of when they need what you’re offering.

As well as a healthy focus on after-sales, remember the value of communication with your customer. Is there anything you could improve or would make them more likely to buy from you again? Take advantage of your customers – they’re an excellent source of information. If there are any complaints, then show that you’re taking them seriously, and actually taking action to make sure buying from you is as easy as possible.

And use your customer records to keep in touch with customers, especially the ones you’ve identified as potentially most valuable, so your business’ name always easily comes to mind. Build relationships with them – set six monthly catch-ups – and build discourse using tools such as mail lists, competitions, newsletters and so on. Look after you most valuable clients, maybe the top five, by taking them out every now and again. Let them know they’re valued.


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