How to Spot a Liar

Why people don't tell the truth... and how you can catch them

“This book is insightful, revealing and surprising. It will even have you thinking about your own motivations for saying and acting the way you do!”

Amazon reviewer


Would you know if someone close was lying to you? None of us want to admit we are being deceived but would you really know if someone was lying to you? If a work colleague was manipulating you or a close friend was hiding something how could you tell? Whether you need the upper hand in negotiations at work or want to know if a lover is lying to you, this book will show you how to read body language and behaviour to get the truth in any situation and turn it to your advantage.

ISBN: 978 1 85458 460 1 Published: 31st August 2009 Authors: Gregory Hartley & Maryann Karinch


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