How to start an online franchise

There's money to be made online, but is the web for you?

Internet Franchises

The internet was the big technological story of the late 20th century, and its tale still has a very long way to run – although no-one is exactly certain what the implications of that will be.

After a lot of hype, the dotcom bubble burst at the start of this century and some doubted the potential of the internet as a place to do business. But since then the internet has matured and is now a major place of trade for every business sector.

Research from the Internet Media Retail Group shows that in mid-2006 10% of all retail sales were conducted online and web-based consumer spending in the UK was valued at £30bn per year.

This is, of course, set to grow and analysts say there tends to be a 45% increase in online sales every six months.

So, there’s money to be made out of the internet, if you pick your investment wisely. But, before you leap at the next attractive offer that comes your way, you need to consider whether it is really for you.


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