Launching your business with social media

Elise Otalora, of Axiatel, discusses the best ways to use Facebook and Twitter to boost the profile of your business

With the recent advancements of technology and the internet, reaching your audience and promoting your business has never been easier. Social media is the modern communication medium that allows you to quickly and easily reach out to large audiences. 

Facebook and Twitter are two social media tools that will aid the growth and strength of your business when launching. However, just opening a Twitter or Facebook account won’t magically get you the business you’re looking for. Knowing how to use social media tools properly will drastically improve communications when launching your business. (You can learn more by downloading Axiatel’s free social media user’s guides.)

For businesses, the biggest advantage of having a Facebook page is that it’s a free communication tool that reaches millions. You can identify partnership opportunities, generate traffic to your website, and stay in touch with your community.

Indeed, with more than 800 million users worldwide, Facebook is one of today’s most important social media tools. The platform can drive traffic to your website, strengthen relationships with your customers, and improve your reputation.

Twitter is another social media tool available to the world at large. Twitter enables you to broadcast short messages (140 characters), called ‘Tweets’, ideas about pretty much anything you’d like to share. Contrary to what many think, Twitter is more of a platform for information exchange than a real social network. The content ends up being more important than the contact. People visit Twitter primarily to talk about a particular topic or open up a discussion with a community.

Just like Facebook, Twitter is a free means of communication, enabling you to stay in touch with your ‘followers’. This will generate traffic to your website, while allowing you to create, follow, and add value to Twitter trends.

To take full advantage of Twitter, you need to build a ‘following’ of Twitter users. Creating Twitter and Facebook links to your website will increase the number of people following your pages. Be sure to follow other people of interest, tweet, re-tweet, and reply to tweets that are related to your business or industry. 

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