New research reveals one in four Brits want to start a business

Entrepreneurial spirit at its highest in the north east

UK entrepreneurship is on the rise, with one in four people wishing to start a business, according to research from business software provider Sage.

The YouGov study of over 3,000 participants found that new businesses in the north east could be set to grow the most, with 11% from this region planning to start up, compared to 9% in London.

Doing something they are passionate about full time was the most popular incentive for people from the north east to start a business, with 38% of participants giving this as their key motivation.

While the northern England enterprising trend stretched to the Yorkshire and Humber region, which was reported as the second most entrepreneurial area, the lowest number of would-be entrepreneurs was recorded in Scotland, Northern Ireland and the north west.

The study, which was conducted as part of Sage’s plans to support prospective entrepreneurs, provides a positive image of British entrepreneurship, according to managing director for Sage’s small business division, Lee Perkins.

He said, “The UK business landscape is changing. The home for entrepreneurism, which has for so long been associated with London and the south east is moving north, and this will have a significant impact on regional economies.

“The rollout of technology infrastructure, such as superfast broadband, alongside access to guidance and advice will be instrumental to any region becoming a hub for start-ups and in order for entrepreneurs to fulfil their potential. But what is clear is that entrepreneurial Britain is thriving.”


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