Real ale investors splash out on Cains

CAMRA’s Investment Club has bought into Cains following its reverse takeover of AIM-listed Honeycombe

The Campaign for Real Ale’s Investment Club has taken the chance to buy into Cains brewery following its reverse takeover of AIM-listed Honeycombe.

The investment club which is funded and run by CAMRA members already had a small stake in Honeycombe which has been converted to about 3% of Cains following a £240,000 investment.

The fund already has shares in breweries such as Shepherds Neame, Greene King, Fullers, Young’s, Marston’s all of which are worth in excess of £1m and it is active in pursuing stakes in other real ale companies which come on to the market.

Liverpool-based brewery Cains was previously out of reach from CAMRA Investment Club as it was a private company owned exclusively by the Dusanj brothers.

However, the opportunity to invest in was evidently too good to miss once shares became available following Cains’ buy-up of the northwest pub company.

Ian Loe, spokesperson for the group, said: “We already had shares in Honeycombe which is a good company and makes a reasonable amount of real ale. Following the investment and reverse takeover by Cains we thought it was time to up the amount that we had in there.

“We welcome opportunities when they come about. In the same way, David Bruce is coming to market with Capital Pubs – we are looking at the chance of investing in that.”

The CAMRA Investment Club is a separate company from its campaigning counterpart and was set up in a pub in Manchester in 1989 by Ian Kellet.

Since then it has acquired over 3000 members and has become a profitable business with an available of investment fund in excess of £11m, although members do not expect to make huge returns from their investments.

“We are here to invest in companies which brew, sell or distribute real ale,” Loe said.

“Our investors can only invest £1000 per year and we don’t see it as a chance to make huge amounts it is meant to be a bit of fun.”

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