Security biggest fear over Web 2.0 business tools

Web 2.0 tools have the potential to transform business yet many companies are reluctant to implement them because of security fears, new research reveals.

Nearly 70% of business executives believe Web 2.0 tools would help employees work more efficiently, according to KPMG and the Economist Intelligence Unit.

A further 75% said the tools would foster innovation within their businesses and 86% said Web 2.0 would improve knowledge sharing.

However, despite the overwhelming confidence in the business benefits of the tools, half of those surveyed said protecting and securing critical data was the chief barrier to adopting them.

A third said not knowing how to measure the impact of the technologies was the most serious challenge to implementing them more broadly across their company, and 45% cited a lack of understanding about how Web 2.0 related to their business.

Crispin O’Brien, chairman of technology at KPMG said: “Web 2.0 is not just about novel consumer technology, there are real business benefits to be derived from enabling more effective knowledge sharing and collaboration among employees.

“The challenge for the technology industry is to communicate these benefits to customers effectively and address the concerns that remain around security and relevance to different industries.”

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