StartUp Britain records daily toll of new businesses

Over 8,500 new UK businesses started in one week

Government-endorsed start-up campaign StartUp Britain, in partnership with company formations service Made Simple Group, has launched an online ‘tracker’, displaying the rising number of start-ups launched this year to-date.

As of today, StartUp Britain will keep track of the rising number of UK start-ups through an authoritative statistic displayed on the campaign’s website. It is hoped that the online tracker, which is created using data from Companies House, will encourage other would-be entrepreneurs to launch new businesses. Last week, the site claimed 8,675 people started a business in Britain. The start-up toll figures are interpreted for the tracker by the Made Simple Group. Made Simple’s CEO, Howard Graham said: “These stats are very telling about the optimism and momentum within the start-up sector – the StartUp Tracker makes this visible for all to see and plots the highs and lows as well as potentially making it possible for us to discover what makes certain days more attractive for setting up a business.” Alongside the launch of the new StartUp Tracker, today also marks the opening of the campaign’s one-day-only overseas trading event, TradeUp Britain. Made Simple Group, which provides services to help people start a business, is an official partner.


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