The Reader: Emily Hill

The founder and managing director of digital copywriting agency Write My Site on what the Dragons have to offer

Emily Hill, founder and managing director of digital copywriting agency Write My Site

How big a reader of business books are you?

I read a lot of business books, especially autobiographies of successful entrepreneurs.

What do you get from it?

When you’re running a company by yourself it can be really motivating to read about other people’s experiences and how they’ve overcome obstacles to achieve extraordinary success.

Give us an example of something you’ve applied to your own business after reading a book?

I sat down and created a defined system for every process in my business after reading Michael Gerber’s classic The E Myth. I have also adopted James Caan’s mantra: “Observe the masses and do the opposite”.

What have you been reading most recently?

I have been reading Anyone Can Do It by Duncan Bannatyne, of Dragons’ Den fame.

What’s it about?

It’s Duncan Bannatyne’s autobiography, telling the story of how he went from lying on a beach in Jersey when he was 29, to selling ice creams, to becoming a multi-millionaire owner of several businesses.

Why should we read it?

There are two reasons: the first is that it’s well written and an enjoyable story regardless of whether you have entrepreneurial aspirations; the second is that if you do want to be a successful business owner you will find Bannatyne’s philosophy very encouraging. It’s not necessary to be super-clever, highly educated or well-connected in order to be successful – and you don’t need a new product or a complicated business model either. You just need to spot a gap in the market and be brave enough to go and fill it.



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