TWO MEN AND A TRUCK®: The franchise opportunity

The US removals franchise is making in-roads in the UK - find out what the chain has to offer prospective franchisees...

Franchise name:  TWO MEN AND A TRUCK®
Description: Multi-truck management franchise which is the fourth largest removal company worldwide, boasting two moves every minute of every day.
Founders: Mary Ellen Sheets, Brig Sorber and Jon Sorber
No. of franchises: 300+ worldwide with three in the UK
Coverage: Nationwide
Average cost per franchise: £90-£100,000

Brothers Brig Sorber and Jon Sorber started moving people in the Lansing, Michigan area using an old pickup truck. They had their mum, Mary Ellen Sheets, develop a logo to put in a weekly community newspaper. That stick-men logo still rests on every truck, sign and advertisement.

After the brothers left for college in 1985, Sheets decided to make the business official by purchasing a 14-foot truck for $350 and hiring a pair of movers. That $350 is the only personal capital Sheets has ever invested in the company and marked the beginning of TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® .

Moving into franchising

So how did TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® move into franchising?

In 1989, Sheet awarded the first franchise location outside of Michigan to her daughter, Melanie Bergeron. The office was in Atlanta, Georgia. When the company reached 39 franchises, Sheets asked Bergeron to assume the role of company president while she pursued a seat in the Michigan State Senate.

In the UK, TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® started with franchise outlets supported from Ireland. These were then sold as pilots for the UK market. With this process complete and the model proven and adapted for the UK market, TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® are ready to expand nationwide.

How successful were those original franchisees?

Our first UK franchisees started in 2014. They have proved the model works in here and are matching the spectacular achievements of equivalent start-up franchisees in the US. That’s why we are now ready to roll out the programme across the UK.

The franchise opportunity

What makes the franchise different/unique?

This multi-truck management franchise is the fourth largest removal company worldwide, boasting two moves every minute of every day! The network has over 2400 trucks on the road with franchisees employing more than 6000 people.

Franchisees provide a range of services to their local homes and businesses, generating multiple revenue streams including:

  • Residential moving
  • Commercial moves
  • Storage solutions
  • Packing and packaging

The business generates a positive cash flow were you generally get paid 48 hours before each job.

What services do you offer?

You will be managing a business with multiple revenue streams which include residential and commercial removals, self-storage facilities and other specialist services.

How big is the market opportunity?

With the UK removals industry expected to be worth nearly £1bn this year, our new franchisees are always excited to learn just what a scalable, flexible and multi-channel business opportunity this is.

Sure, we have our core business of residential removals – which in the UK accounts for some six million people a year – but there are also multiple revenue streams you can add onto this in order to grow your sales.

First off, there’s the commercial removals market, a growing segment that includes the letting’s and rental industry of nearly four million tenants. Plus there are those five million businesses that at some time require a change of premises. This is definitely a market ripe for expansion using the TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® franchise model.

Secondly, there are all those social housing and local government removal contracts up for tender. With over 3.8 million social housing tenants in the UK, there is sure to be an on-going requirement for moving services within this sector too.

Thirdly, we haven’t yet considered the massive growth of the self-storage market across Great Britain. Now worth an estimated £355m, and with over quarter of a million people, and businesses, regularly using such facilities to store possessions, stock, equipment and furniture – there is a huge opportunity here for TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® franchisees to deliver moving solutions in and out of such storage units.

The final market sector that offers exciting potential to our franchisees is that of niche removal services. Classic cars, expensive rare antiques, large items of furniture and big musical instruments such as pianos and harps, all fall into this category. Our highly flexible business model will help you open a lucrative new revenue stream in this sector too.

How many franchisees do you have today?

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® has over 320 successful franchises in the USA, Canada, Ireland and the UK, with over 2,500 trucks on the road every day helping people move on in their lives. We’ve completed more than five million home and business moves to date – delivering an excellent level of service to each and every customer.

We now have three franchisees operating in the UK who we have worked with to prove the model works successfully over here.

How is the brand marketed?

We offer our franchisees full marketing expertise and support across branding, marketing collateral, PR, website and search engine optimisation (SEO), social media, email marketing and many other areas. Our marketing is on a national, regional and local level.

How do you divide the regions?

Our territories are designed to encourage our franchisees to grow their businesses. We ensure that there is plenty of scope for franchisees to realise their ambitions.

The perfect franchisee

What do you look for in potential franchisees?

When joining TWO MEN AND A TRUCK®, you’re joining a community of hard-working, aspirational entrepreneurs who want to build for the future. You’re trusting in a globally recognised brand that stands for integrity, respect and high quality customer service, and you’re making a statement that you want to run a successful business that gives back to the local community.

So do franchisees work from an office, or are they home-based? Is it part-time or full-time?

TTWO MEN AND A TRUCK® is very much a full-time business opportunity. You will be managing teams of drivers and movers operating from a local unit which should also scope for operating storage facilities. We work with our franchisees to identify appropriate premises in their area.

How much do franchisees pay and what do you offer franchisees that sign up?

The franchise package includes your first gear 12-week induction course, the instructor-led ‘Stick Men University programme’, in-person marketing and operational support, online training manuals and continuing professional development training meetings and resources.

Your fee also includes all your team management charts and plans, financial management documents and operational support materials. You’ll also receive sales management training and collateral, local marketing management tools and documentation, plus IT software, training and tools to help you manage customer service.

Behind all this is our committed and dedicated head office support team of trainers, mentors and coaches who will assist you at every stage of setting up and operating your new business.

In total, the required investment can be broken down as follows: Franchise fee is £30,000; total Initial investment (includes truck purchase and initial operating capital and the franchise fee) is between £65,000 to £200,000 depending on your location and other variable factors.

Success and growth

How is TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® looking to grow?

Having proved the model works in the UK we are eager to expand the brand across the country. We’d love you to join us in a proven business opportunity that has already shown 28 months of double-digit growth, an opportunity to be your own boss and be proud of your job when you go to bed at night.

We know that everybody moves home numerous times in their life, some more than others, so the UK market is ripe to embrace the TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® franchise model.

I can’t stress enough that this a genuine, profitable and exciting business opportunity available in Britain right now – fully backed by our franchise support team, professional training and a system that quite simply works. In this context, a UK based TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® franchise is an excellent chance to get in at the ground level and join a business that is changing the face of the removal industry in every location we operate.

What is the potential of the business?

Many of our US-based franchisees have started with a couple of trucks and turned over $450,000 in sales in their first year. They have then grown to a multi truck business with $900,000 turnover by year four.

Franchisees in the UK are matching or exceeding the progress of equivalent owners in the states, so these figures should be your own targets!

With a TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® franchise this is all very realistic and within your reach, provided you follow our instructions and put in the graft.

Finally, is TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® a British Franchise Association (bfa) member?

Yes. TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® is a provisional member of the bfa.

Over in the US, Melanie Bergeron; chair of TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® International is active on the board of governors for the Institute of Certified Franchise Executives (ICFE) and on the board of directors for the certification board of the International Franchise Association.


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