VoIP for your business: A guide to suppliers and system requirements

What's the minimum infastructure needed to use VoIP?

As VoIP calls are made using a PC, there are a number of basic infrastructure requirements you’ll need in place before you can use the system. These include:

  • This system requires a recent PC with at least a microphone and an internet connection.
  • You will need to download the service provider’s software client. This is usually free.
  • For the best experience and the best savings, a broadband internet connection is required.

Some users prefer to use a headset, because this can improve the clarity of the sound and eliminate the ‘echo’ of the conversation that may be heard when a microphone is used in combination with speakers.

VoIP suppliers

There are a number of suppliers of VoIP systems. Specifications and functionality is changing on a regular basis, so identify your supplier carefully and make sure they fit your requirements.

Source: Using Internet Based Phones

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