Where to find female-only support

There's plenty of support out there for female entrepreneurs - find out where

As well as the section for female entrepreneurs, there are a number of organisations and groups offering support and advice to women in business.

Here’s a rundown of some of the best and what type of help and services they can offer:

Aurora Women’s Network
Aurora advances women’s careers and accelerates women-owned businesses through providing networking events and services for corporate and entrepreneurial women. Aurora co-supports international women’s events as well as hosting the UK’s largest women’s networking events. Aurora’s women entrepreneurs expos and networking events in London are visited by 150 entrepreneurial women each month.

British Association of Women Entrepreneurs
The British Association of Women Entrepreneurs (BAWE) is a non-profit professional organisation for UK-based women business owners and is affiliated to the world association of women business owners. BAWE encourages the personal development of female entrepreneurs and the expansion of their businesses through various training, networking and mentoring schemes and conferences.

A UK wide trade association, Prowess promotes women’s enterprise support and lobbies for sexual equality in business. It offers a range of training, networking and support opportunities.

Women & Equality Unit
The Women & Equality Unit assist the Government deliver on the issues that matter most to women. Their top priorities are developing policies which support flexible working and enable women to juggle their busy lives, delivering high quality services in health and education that respond to women’s needs, enabling women to play a greater part in public life and working to close the pay gap between men and women.

WiRE is a nationwide organisation supporting women living in rural areas who want to start their own businesses. WiRE runs networking events and workshops, has a national conference every year and offers a full business support network for female rural entrepreneurs.

Every woman
Online network and resources for women business owners.

Women Into the Network (WIN)
Women Into the Network (WIN) is a networking initiative which facilitates the development of women’s businesses in the North East. WIN’s activities include communications and publications, networking events, awards and role model promotion and research. An EU commissioned survey has recognised the success of WIN by selecting it as the UK best practice initiative for promoting female entrepreneurship.


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