Why delegation is so important in business

Sometimes you've got to let go

When it is your own business, it is very hard to let go but delegation is a sign of sound management. It would be impossible to do everything and there comes a point when the cost of employing someone else to help is less than the cost of work lost because you cannot cope.

Chartered surveyor Simon Smith has first hand experience of this. After setting out on his own, he quickly found plenty of demand. A recent merger with another business has meant extreme pressure on his time. Instead of being out and about winning business and handling the tricky side of the operation, he was bogged down in administration and routine jobs that were taking disproportionate amounts of his day.

With a wife and three young children at home, he also found it hard to justify spending weekends at the office. “I knew I needed someone to help out but there has to be a balancing act between cost and help.” In his sector, Smith knew there was a history of recent graduates receiving low salaries and a consequent backlash of students unwilling to enter the profession.

After months of seeking out the right person, he has finally appointed a recent graduate who will spend the next two years working towards full qualification.

Smith knows he will have to give time to the new recruit to ensure he is in the best possible condition to pass his exams – and also give him the right sort of work to meet industry criteria. But the benefits will be that he has time to return to his core business and concentrate on doing what he does best.

Again CIPD’s Daniels approves of the plan, saying “Often owner/managers have a strong emotional attachment to their business and it will have affected them in a lot of ways, from financial to family, but they do have to learn to let go and trust others to take on some of the burden.”

Delegation is a sign of sound management.


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