Why use an IT consultant?

The reasons why you may need to bring a consultant on to help

Imagine that your computer has broken and you cannot get to a vital spreadsheet that has your customer billing information on it. You know little about IT and fear you have lost a lot of data. First we suggest you look at your backups which we hope you have taken. If not, take a look at these guides that discuss data backups – backing up data , protecting important data and securing computer data.

You are then faced with a dilemma. Do you continue to battle with the PC hoping you can fix it or do you call in an expert? Hopefully as a clever small business person you will realise that your time is best spent winning new business and you should call in an IT consultant to fix the problem for you.

Likewise, you have decided to get a computer network in place to link together the three PCs you have. Should you spend your precious time doing the work yourself or get in an expert that will charge you to do the setup but save you days of time.

Hopefully you decide the latter as you understand the importance of using your time efficiently.

Engaging an IT consultant is much like employing any other type of professional to help you when you are stuck or need some specific help.


Source: Choosing an IT supplier

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