Why you need a clear sales story

How to engage your customers

A good sales story is vital. Whether you’re on the phone, making contact with potential customers or closing a deal, you need to make your customer buy into the idea. They need to want to use your service or buy your product. You need a water-tight bona fide story of why the need you. Too many businesses offer complex services and products without ever exploiting the most basic simple human message. Why?

Furthermore, knowing what you want to say, and having an engaging story will give you confidence. If you can tell your story well, the customer is more likely to want to know more, and additionally, not worrying about what to say next will mean you’re able to listen more and make a deeper connection with the customer.  This story can obviously be adjusted depending on who you’re talking to, but the key points will probably remain the same.

So how do create this story? The goal is to let the person on the other end of the phone know what you can do for them. What benefits will they receive by buying from you? Use what you know about your existing customers to help you. If you base the sales conversation on their priorities, concerns and needs, you will have a better chance of communicating the benefits of your offering to the new potential customer. It’s vital that they know that you actually care about what they want or need, and that they can be sure you will make a real effort for them.

As soon as you know what the individual could gain by being your customer, you have to communicate that effectively. You have to address some of the potential customer’s questions and fears. Why should they believe you? Will they enjoy doing business with you? What’s different about what you’re offering?

And when your sales story is engaging, convincing and concise, make sure everyone in your business is familiar with it.


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