10 early-stage UK start-ups to follow on Twitter

Which exciting start-ups, launched within the last year or so, are already making their mark on Twitter?

For a start-up , trying to get noticed amongst the big guns on Twitter is a challenge to say the least. Personality and some selfless tweeting (as opposed to relentless self-promotion) are great starting points and we’ve picked our favourite start-ups who are doing this well.

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Lady Dinah’s Cats

Why you should follow: With plenty of cute cat pictures, it’s no surprise that London’s first “cat cafe for kitty-bereft city dwellers and visitors” has attracted a big social following. Expect lots of Instagram pics, as well as the latest news and product offerings from the café.
No. of followers: 18k
Twitter handle: @LadyDinahsCats


Why you should follow: Reference generator RefME aims to “save students everywhere” from the incredible headache of referencing – a mission that has clearly gone down well. With nearly 14,000 followers, the start-up uses its feed to communicate with users to garner feedback and iron out any issues.
No. of followers: 13.9k
Twitter handle: @GetRefME


Why you should follow: With a worthy mission to inspire young writers and give them an audience worldwide, Pobble’s proposition is an easy one to get behind and its extremely active feed makes the most of this, engaging lots with followers and sharing plenty of content. Garnering over 12,000 followers already,
No. of followers: 12.2k
Twitter handle: @HeyPobble


Why you should follow: Tinder for fashion app Mallzee has been creating quite a stir recently. The young brand has managed to secure some celebrity endorsement across Twitter and gained exposure from an appearance on Dragons’ Den. The feed does contain quite a bit of self-promotion, as well as fashion tips and competitions, but it’s a good example of how to use social media effectively.
No. of followers: 11.2k
Twitter handle: @Mallzee


Why you should follow: Dating app TrueView is “reinventing online dating” and the start-up has built up over 10,000 followers by offering useful tips on fun and interesting things to do in London alongside traditional dating posts, widening its audience appeal while simultaneously increasing brand exposure.
No. of followers: 10.2k
Twitter handle: @TheTrueView


Why you should follow: Wooju’s extremely simple and social proposition – take a picture and ask the world for feedback – is perfect for Twitter and the site has already got nearly 6,000 followers. The app’s profile was also probably helped by celebrity endorsements, so it offers an example of how this can work well, particularly on social, to gain traction.
No. of followers: 5,743
Twitter handle: @woojuapp


Why you should follow: On-demand platform BIZZBY has a responsive and fun feed which is clearly proving popular. The start-up does tweet positive endorsements of the brand but also engages quirky PR tricks to increase exposure such as a recent valentine’s crusade delivering champagne and cupcakes to fellow start-ups which saw lots of social love.
No. of followers: 5,612
@Twitter handle: @BIZZBY

Rebel Kitchen

Why you should follow: It’s easy to see how early-stage start-up Rebel Kitchen has amassed nearly 5,000 followers. The ‘free-from’ coconut milk brand’s Twitter feed is really engaging, with inspirational posts, practical business tips and, of course, enticing food pics. No. of followers: 4,900 Twitter handle: rebel_kitchen


Why you should follow: The personalised clothing service for men upped exposure with a recent Dragons’ Den appearance and crowdfunding round, but the strength of its Twitter feed lies in the way it uses images of its clothing and packaging to showcase the brand.
No. of followers: 4,896
Twitter handle: @Enclothed


Why you should follow: Blaze’s innovative product offering is gaining plenty of press attention and its Twitter feed is also showing impressive traction with nearly 4,000 followers. With an engaged cycling community to tap into, the start-up makes the most of images and videos to showcase its product and aim to increase bike safety.
No. of followers: 3,960
Twitter handle: @blazefeed


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