10 round-the-world entrepreneurs you won’t want to miss

Looking for global inspiration? Here’s the big international entrepreneurs you should be following

So we’ve identified the big players in the UK entrepreneurial scene but who are the international entrepreneurs every small business should follow on Twitter?

Find out below and join our round-the-world must-follow Twitter list here.

Jack Dorsey

Why you should follow: Having sent the world’s first ever tweet, no one understands the power of tweeting more than Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey. Dorsey’s feed is a mixture of personal tweets, current affairs and a splash of business.
No. of followers: 2.86m
Twitter handle: @jack

Mark Cuban

Why you should follow: Entrepreneur Mark Cuban’s feed is currently populated with lots of tweets about his latest start-up Cyber Dust, as well as business and Dallas Mavericks insights. In general his tweets are accessible, engaging and occasionally controversial, just like the man himself.
No. of followers: 2.72m
Twitter handle: @mcuban

Biz Stone

Why you should follow: Our second Twitter co-founder in the list, Biz Stone’s account has lots of personal content but he also tweets about Twitter’s journey, new app Super and other companies he likes.
No. of followers: 2.36m
Twitter handle: @biz

Evan Williams

Why you should follow: Our final Twitter co-founder in the list, Evan Williams, launched publishing company Medium with Stone after Twitter. In general his feed is humorous and personable but he also tweets links to lots of interesting articles on Medium’s platform.
No. of followers: 1.77m
Twitter handle: @ev

Arianna Huffington

Why you should follow: Named in Forbes ‘Most Powerful Women’ list in 2014, the Huffington Post founder tweets mainly about current affairs, as well as inspirational quotes and posts on female empowerment and entrepreneurship.
No. of followers: 1.78m
Twitter handle: @ariannahuff

Guy Kawasaki

Why you should follow: The Silicon Valley entrepreneur and former evangelist of Apple is a really active Twitter user, tweeting about everything from entrepreneurship to marketing, business books and cars!
No. of followers: 1.44m
Twitter handle: @GuyKawaski

Gary Vaynerchuk

Why you should follow: Innovative entrepreneur and author Gary Vaynerchuk has become an internet sensation for his extremely engaged Twitter feed and his #AskGaryVee show on YouTube where he answers questions about marketing, social media and entrepreneurship. Follow him to understand how to maximise Twitter for your business as well as plenty of engaging business tips.
No. of followers: 1.12m
Twitter handle: @garyvee

Mark Suster

Why you should follow: Serial entrepreneur turned investor Mark Suster is passionate about entrepreneurs and his tweets are refreshingly honest and varied.
No. of followers: 194k
Twitter handle: @msuster

Randi Zuckerberg

Why you should follow: American businesswoman Randi Zuckerberg (and older sister of Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg) is the CEO of Zuckerberg Media and she tweets lots about social media (a follower dubbed her ‘a social media maverick’).
No. of followers: 167k
Twitter handle: @randizuckerberg

Loic Le Meur

Why you should follow: French entrepreneur and blogger Loïc Le Meur tweets lots of motivating quotes as well as engaging in dialogue with his followers and sharing thought-provoking content.
No. of followers: 123k
Twitter handle: @loic


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