10 tips for achieving business success

How to get the most out of yourself

Tips for success

  1. Find a mentor, someone with the sense to see which way you are heading and to help you steer your self-motivation in the direction of success. A partner can help, or consider using a life coach or business mentor.

  2. Set yourself realistic targets. Break down longer-term goals into targets for this year, this month and this week. Have a checklist of things to do each day.

  3. Think positive – congratulate yourself on all the things you have achieved, rather than the few you haven’t, and remind yourself that you have achieved something each day.

  4. Visualise success. “Think in terms of what you want, rather than the obstacles in your way,” says Mo Shapiro, author of “Shift your thinking – Change your life. “If you are comfortable with yourself, you increase the possibility of creating wealth in your life.”

  5. Make time for family and friends. Chances are that the desire to provide for your family is motivating you anyway, so make sure that relationships are still strong when you achieve that success.

  6. Recognise that breaks are beneficial, and leave you re-motivated and refreshed. Switch off the computer, get a good night’s sleep, plan a holiday.

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  7. Look after your health: if that breaks down, so does your business success. Make time to eat well, relax with your family and friends and keep yourself fit.

  8. If you work from home, separate your working time from your leisure time. An Abbey National survey revealed that 81 per cent of males and 68 per cent of females worked longer hours since starting to work from home.

  9. Identify what really motivates you – money, independence, a fresh challenge? If it is money then concentrate on the projects that give you the greates returns, likewise for challenge or independence.

  10. Take a step back, if you can’t see the wood for the trees, advises Oakley. “Speak to someone outside the business for a different perspective.”


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