10 UK tech entrepreneurs to follow on Twitter

With the explosion of Tech City and tech-focused businesses, who are the biggest players in the tech scene at the moment?

There’s no denying the start-up world has gone tech crazy – so Startups has comprised a list of the most influential people in tech for 2015.

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Brent Hoberman

Why you should follow: He’d fit just as naturally in the top investors list, but we’ve placed him here. Brent Hoberman is an all-round tech entrepreneur, co-founder of lastminute.com as well as mydeco.com and early backer of Made.com. He is followed by the prime minister and shares data-based articles about the tech sector (mainly via retweets).
No. of followers: 42.5k
Twitter handle: @brenthoberman

Saul Klein

Why you should follow: Investor, entrepreneur and all-round powerful figure in UK tech, Saul Klein is a really active tweeter who engages in lots of conversations and debates via the social media platform. No. of followers: 40.9k Twitter handle: @cape


Sue Black

Why you should follow: A regular figure on influential tech lists, Sue Black runs not-for-profit Savvify which aims to make computer science more meaningful to the public. She tweets very regularly on feminism and tech as well as occasional foodie and knitting tweets. No. of followers: 21.9k Twitter handle: @Dr_Black

Michael Acton-Smith

Why you should follow: The founder of Mind Candy, the business behind the hugely successful Moshi Monsters, Michael Acton-Smith is an active Twitter user, sending several tweets daily and – importantly – interacting with followers to answer questions etc.
No. of followers: 20.6k
Twitter handle: @acton

Maggie Philbin

Why you should follow: As CEO of TeenTech and Digital Skills TaskForce leader, technology is Maggie Philbin’s speciality and she tweets on everything from tech education and ‘digital schools’ to awards schemes and life as woman in tech.
No. of followers: 19.9k
Twitter handle: @maggiephilbin

Sherry Coutu CBE

Why you should follow: Following her recent Scale-up Manifesto, which urged the government to take note of the significant economic value of fast-growth companies, Sherry Coutu’s influence on tech is stronger than ever. She eats, sleeps and tweets all things start-up and scale-up related…
No. of followers: 13.5k
Twitter handle: @scoutu

Elizabeth Varley

Why you should follow: Founder and CEO at TechHub, community and spaces for tech entrepreneurs, Elizabeth Varley’s followers include Richard Branson and Barack Obama – she tweets pretty much daily, engaging in lots of conversations.
No. of followers: 13.4k
Twitter handle: @evarley

Kathryn Parsons

Why you should follow: Founder of Decoded and current queen of tech and coding, Kathryn Parsons describes herself as a ‘digital enlightenment evangelist’ and she tweets lots about being a woman in tech and coding (of course).
No. of followers: 7,123
Twitter handle: @KathrynParsons

Simon Devonshire

Why you should follow: Director of Wayra Europe and entrepreneur in residence at @BISgovuk, Simon Devonshire tweets plenty of interesting business tips and insights as well as links to his inspirational and practical advice blog.
No. of followers: 6,304
Twitter handle: @simondevonshire

Liam Maxwell

Why you should follow: As CTO for the government, Liam Maxwell uses “tech as a catalyst for better public services.” Widely credited as one of the main architects of government IT reform, he engages with followers and tweets all about gov services and tech.
No. of followers: 4,027
Twitter handle: @liammax


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