100 sign-ups in 90 days: Why you need pilot customers

Start-up founder Akil Benjamin returns with news of progress and how he plans to use feedback to get closer to his 100 customer target

First a recap from my first post. My name is Akil from Comuzi Software and I am the resident growth hacker.

I am following the Justin Mares19 ways Growth Hackers acquire Customers, and using the methods presented in his presentation to try and win 100 Customers in 90 days.

The first step from Mares’ presentation was to go viral and here’s what happened.

Going VIRAL!

It turns out it takes something a little more special or profound to go viral across the internet but it’s great you guys found my story interesting enough to read and share allowing the first post to garner over 1,000 views in three weeks.

In my attempt to go viral I have learned it is very difficult to make it happen artificially, but what you can do is grow readership.

Writing for Startups.co.uk to share experiences with a mass audience, as well as community based sites such as campusboard.io to target a more niche demographic (tech entrepreneurs), growing a loyal readership can really happen if you can capture and re-invite that audience every time you post.

Email marketing tools such as mailchimp.com or sign-up.to pair brilliantly with PR campaigns as you can create effective lead nurturing cycles if you schedule your emails right and have good content.

Building a website for your business idea is easier than you might think. Our online tool ranks the top website builders that offer free trials.

With a free account allowing you to send a large volume of emails as well as providing you with post email analytics both can help drive engagement.

Finally leveraging the people within your social networks is also a great way to increase your readership. Simply inviting leaders in your field to read and share your post via Twitter and Linkedin can produce surprisingly unexpected results, and it is the amalgamation of all these things that I hope will grow my readership.

House of Genius

As we have recently pivoted our business, now addressing virtual care technology we visited the House of Genius, a place where an anonymous room of professionals peer review your business and product.

After being heavily scrutinised we realised we are in the right place but we have a lot of work to do to make our business successful. Being advised to have a clear and unquestionable vision as well as an efficient way of explaining what we do was the best advice of the night.

Our next step: get on the phones to get in contact with our target audience to find out what they really need and after watching these two videos from Steli Efti, and reading Predictable Revenue from Aaron Ross I learned a technique that really works!

After two weeks of sending a bucket load of emails and being on the phone we have closed our first few pilot testers, meaning we have made progress on our roadmap.

97 customers to go and 73 days to go. Next, especially for our business, is to really drive sales. Let’s see how this goes.

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Akil Benjamin is co-founder of Comuzi Software and featured in our Tech Pitch profile recently.


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  1. Good sound advice Akil – I’m going to adopt some of these techniques. Thanks