123-reg upgrades webmail offering for entrepreneurs

New partnership with Open-Xchange to deliver greater functionality in the cloud

123-reg has announced a new partnership that will see business users access the email package offered by webmail specialist Open-Xchange, including enhanced mobile, collaborative and social media features.

The switch will mean 123-reg’s existing 500,000 small business users will be able to add personalised email addresses, calendar and contact management features.

Entrepreneurs will also be able to automatically add their LinkedIn and Facebook contacts’ details to their address book. These can then be synched, along with calendar appointments and other information, straight to users’ smartphones.

The upgrade also includes the functionality to integrate Twitter and Facebook feeds, so they can be viewed in one place and other advanced groupware features, including document sharing and information management; from 99p per month.

Rafael Laguna, CEO of Open-Xchange, said:  “Communication and collaboration are leading the way for the adoption of cloud applications within small offices and home offices (SOHOs).

“As email and shared webhosting become a commodity, communication services and business applications based on Open-Xchange provide a great opportunity to offer customers value-added services.”

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