16 UK cleantech companies named for trade mission to Colorado

Some of the sector's most promising entrepreneurs given chance to grow their businesses in US “cleantech capital”

16 of the UK’s “most promising” clean technology companies have been selected to attend a week-long trade mission to Colorado in December.

Organised by business innovation agency the Technology Strategy Board, in partnership with The Long Run Venture and UK Trade and Investment, 16 businesses were selected to join the Clean and Cool Mission to Colorado after demonstrating “innovative” solutions to tackle climate change in the UK and worldwide.

Unveiled at the official London ceremony last night, the winning businesses will be visiting America’s “clean tech capital” to showcase their ideas and will be given the opportunity to network with potential investors, with the goal to help accelerate their business within the US market.

While in the US, the 16 start-ups will be involved in a major clean energy investment event, the National Renewable Energy Laboratory’s (NREL) industry growth forum, to open up prospective business opportunities.

The Colorado mission will look to build on the success of partner competition Clean and Cool Mission to Brazil 2013, which Growing Business columnist Oli Barrett reported back on earlier this month.

Selected for a range of “innovative” solutions including solar and wind, smart grids and energy storage, the 16 ventures joining the mission are:

  • Agility Global – the world’s first high performance, cleantech motorcycle using F1 and aerospace design. The electric urban sports motorbike Saietta is claimed to be fast and powerful, green and clean
  • Alquist – a data centre temperature management system targeting a slice of the $17bn industry, with operators using the technology to manage risk and cut energy expenditure and carbon emissions
  • Arcola Energy – a developer, manufacturer and retailer of fuel cell-based low carbon energy solutions for the home and industry, Arcola creates electricity by converting chemical energy from a fuel, such as hydrogen
  • Each For All Productions – a technology that helps to lower smart grid energy usage – and therefore bills – by plugging its Merismus micro-grid into a smart grid via a smart meter. Smart grids are being rolled out across the US
  • Flint Engineering – makes use of the energy created through the buildings’ rooves by collecting solar and photovoltaic heat within a roofing/cladding material. The result is the elimination of heating and hot water bills
  • Fullsun Photovoltaics – a lightweight technology that captures and converts heat from the sun into electricity. The solar module has been designed for commercial and industrial rooftops
  • Green Fuels Research – a venture set up to develop technologies to meet the future demand for sustainable aviation biofuels at every point of the value chain to the aeroplane itself
  • Iceotope – a liquid-based integrated computer cooling system that provides massive processing power, memory and storage, Iceotope is designed to cut the $7.4bn spent in the US on cooling data centres annually
  • Magnifye – 10 times stronger than conventional magnets, the superconducting permanent magnets – which can fit in the palm of a hand and yet power a train – are designed to boost the efficiency of any electrical machine
  • Moixa Technology – a technology created to store energy at off-peak times. It plans to do this by installing millions of smart batteries into customer premises which would simultaneously reduce peak period demand on the grid
  • PJH Partnership – a solar power storage unit for domestic use, which, like Moixa, is designed to reduce demand on electricity grids straining to cope with consumer usage
  • Renovagen – a transportable solar power solution for off-grid locations capable of generating 10 times more power than existing technologies.
  • Sunamp – a super-compact heat battery that stores heat from conventional and non-conventional heat pumps and boilers to deliver as needed in domestic and commercial environments
  • Straw Fuels – a range of eco-friendly fire logs that are clean, easy to use and produce far lower levels of smoke than wood
  • Vantage Power – a hybrid-electric system to reduce the emissions of buses while improving air quality and cutting fuel consumption simultaneously
  • Wind Power Performance – looking to answer the US desire to make a fifth of its energy usage renewable by 2020, the company is a developer of a grid-scale energy storage battery

Discussing the mission, David Bott, director of innovation programmes at the Technology Strategy Board, said:

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“The US has one of the most innovative and dynamic cleantech ecosystems. The Mission will provide the participants with the opportunity to establish partnerships, secure investment and help launch their business to a large, continually expanding and thriving technology market.”

Simon Carter, deputy director and head of renewable energy at UKTI, continued:

“Colorado is a fast and reliable gateway to the U.S and to global markets and the Mission will allow the firms to learn how to turn their innovations into tangible business opportunities.”

The Mission to Colorado will run from November 30 to December 6 2013. To find out more, click here.


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