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19 young entrepreneurs to watch in 2016

Shining a spotlight on the UK’s brightest founders aged 25 and under, Startups reveals the business owners set for entrepreneurial stardom this year

Following the news yesterday that nearly a quarter of 15 to 18 year-olds want to start a business, this list feels very timely.

As the universe of entrepreneurship now boasts billionaire flag-bearers barely out of their 20s it’s no surprise the teenage pulse beats faster for business than ever before.

And why not. Has there been a better time to start a business than when brimful of youthful vigour? Minimal responsibilities, bags of energy, and certainly less risk averse (47% of teenagers said they were unafraid of taking risks when it comes to making money), young people are in a prime position to take that leap of faith.

Instead of challenging parents and authority, teenagers are ideally wired to channel their frustrations into pushing the boundaries of business… if they want to.

Around 10 years' ago Dragons' Den's Peter Jones called business the new rock n' roll and he was onto something – but the mid-noughties was in the vanguard of this evolution. Now we're seeing that seedling concept bear fruit with a generation inspired by a decade that saw entrepreneurship move to the mainstream.

So while it’s not necessarily surprising more young people want to start a business, the sheer heights that some young adults have achieved may well surprise.

Because although there’s undeniably benefits to starting your business young, the challenges are manifold; whether they be a lack of contacts, experience, funds, or that industry heavyweights look on you with derision.

But while the road to success is a bumpy one, the entrepreneurs in this index are a shining example of what can be achieved by the best of our young entrepreneurial minds today.

These are seriously driven, creative, hardworking and damn right ballsy individuals – and we cannot wait to see what the next five to 10 years will hold for them.

Here at Startups Towers we’ve published this list four times now, in 2012, 2014, 2015 and now today’s crop. And what’s refreshing is the vast amount of fresh-faced, talented entrepreneurs there are out there.

Before you meet the entrepreneurs, just take a minute to think about what you were doing at 17 (the age of our youngest entrepreneur whose business currently turns over £2.5m) or the prospect of running a profitable business with nearly a million turnover while studying for your degree.

The entrepreneurs featured in this list turn preconceptions on their head daily, not only with the success that they’ve achieved at such a young age, but with their desire to support and give back to their peers and society as a whole.

From plans to build a household name brand to dreams of an IPO before the age of 20, they’re also not afraid to dream big. And I hope after reading this feature, neither will you be…


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