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20 rookie UK start-ups with BIG ambitions for 2017    

Each of these impressive start-ups launched in 2016. Say hello – in order of launch date – to the awesome new businesses set for take off…

Future-gazing is a talent of ours at

Every December, we take a moment of reflection to compile a list of 20 brand spanking new UK start-ups that we believe have the potential to flourish and become huge business names of the future.

In 2014, we predicted that carwow – then a 10-month old business with 35,000 users a month– would make waves in the car industry and it has done just that; taking total investment to over £18m with a whopping one million users now signed up to its service.

Similarly, we pipped Seenit – the video collaboration platform – as a business that would be making headlines in years to come. Enter its recent win of the coveted TechCrunch Disrupt Cup.

More recently, we’ve seen inspiring start-ups like Laundrapp and Pip & Nut – featured in 2015’s index of start-ups set for stardom in 2016 – achieve phenomenal growth, not to mention wins at the prestigious Startups Awards 2016.

Our team at are lucky enough to encounter hundreds upon hundreds of start-ups every year and we’ve become well-learned in what it takes for a new business to achieve great heights.

While we don’t claim to know the exact formula for business success, the new businesses you’re about to see are all those that have the start-up ‘X Factor' – a notable founding team, heaps of market potential, early customer wins, and often – but not always – substantial investment.

So are you ready to look into Startups’ crystal ball for 2017?

Follow us and meet the start-ups – all launched this year – that we think could be BIG names in years to come…

If there’s an exciting start-up you think we’ve missed – or a new business we should have on our radar for next year – we’d love to hear about them ( or Tweet us @startupstowers).


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