2012 Startups 100 company cube19 secures $1.75m investment

Private investors support Dan McGuire’s new visual analytics start-up

Visual analytics start-up cube19, which was recognised in the 2012 Startups 100 list of impressive new companies, has secured a $1.75m (£1.1m) investment from a group of private investors. Launched in May 2012 with a £0.5m seed investment from founder Dan McGuire, cube19 enables clients to convey complex information through simplified, employee-tailored graphics, which can be accessed via the cloud. The latest deal includes funding from private investors CEO of international recruitment company Russell Clements, entrepreneur Graham Palfery-Smith and Ian Temple, executive chairman of global recruitment site Hydrogen. McGuire plans to use the funding to take his start-up to the global staffing and sales markets. He said of the deal, which sees Clements, Palfrey-Smith and Temple join the cube19 board: “We set out to create a product that is genuinely different and I believe we’ve done that. “Understanding data quickly is a huge challenge so turning it into a picture helps the user interpret and more importantly use the vast amount of information that is all around them.”


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