2015’s biggest investments: Secret Escapes £41m

Investment will support Young Gun-founded luxury travel site’s plans to become "global multi-billion turnover business" by 2020

Company: Secret Escapes
Description: Luxury Travel Site
Founders: Alex Saint, Tom Valentine
Based in: London
Raised: £41m ($60m)
Investors: Google Ventures, Octopus Investments, Index Ventures, Atlas Ventures

They said:

Secret Escapes’ co-founder and chief executive, Alex Saint, commented:

“The cash injection of $60m will enable Secret Escapes to continue making great strides to replicate the success of our UK business, ultimately helping to bring us closer to our ambition of becoming the number one destination for consumers looking to book their holidays.”

On the deal, Tom Hulme, of Google Ventures, added:

“Secret Escapes has brought deals to millions of customers seeking luxury travel accommodations and continues to expand its business into global markets. The company’s growing partnership base gives it a significant advantage to connect world class hotels with travellers.”

Read more about the deal here.

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