2015’s biggest investments: Seedrs £10m

Series A investment secures £30m valuation for equity crowdfunding platform Seedrs

Company: Seedrs
Description: Equity crowdfunding platform
Founders: Jeff Lynn, Carlos Silva
Based in: London
Raised: £10m
Investors: Woddford Patient Capital Trust, Augmentum Capital, RIT Capital Partners

They said:

 Seers’ Jeff Lynn: “The capital we are raising will allow us to deliver our next stage of growth in the UK, Europe and the United States. As importantly, though, is the signal this investment sends to the market.”

 Tim Levene: “The market is still early in its development with many challenges to overcome. However, we believe Seedrs has the right blend of talent, vision, experience and rigour to ensure they become the leader in this exciting space.”

Read more about the deal here.

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