2015’s biggest investments: Skimlinks £11m

Content monetisation platform Skimlinks seeks to generate more revenue for clients Gawker Media and Condé Nast

Company: Skimlinks
Description: Content monetisation platform
Founders: Joe Stepniewski, Alicia Navarro
Based in: London
Raised: £11m ($16m)
Investors: Frog Capital, BDMI. Greycroft Partners, Sussex Place Ventures, Silicon Valley Bank

They said:

Skimlinks co-founder and CEO Navarro said: “Frog’s similarity in values and culture, coupled with their breadth of vision, strategic experience and desire to contribute, made Frog an ideal investor and partner for Skimlinks.”

Iyad Omari: “With incredibly efficient technology and deep commerce insight, Skimlinks has become the go-to content monetisation partner for the world’s most prestigious digital publishers.”

Read more about the deal here. 


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