27 UK start-ups listed in index of world’s top 100 ‘tech for good’ ventures

NT100 2014 claims Britain is “leading the way” in solving international and domestic social challenges

27 UK start-ups have been chosen for the latest Nominet Trust 100 (NT100), the annual index of the world’s 100 “most inspiring” social and ‘tech for good’ ventures.

Compiled by a group of industry leaders including angel investor Sherry Coutu, Google Ventures’ Tom Hulme, Wayra’s Simon Devonshire and Big Society Capital’s Dawn Austwick, the 2014 list looks to identify new companies using technology to tackle some of the world’s biggest social problems; from education and human rights abuses to health and climate change.

With businesses in the healthcare and accessibility sectors dominating index, the UK was found to be “leading the way” in solving international and domestic social challenges including healthcare, housing and an ageing population due to the work of start-ups such as Casserole Club; an online community which helps people share their food with the less able, and Skin Analytics; a company which enables people to self-monitor their moles for melanomas.

The index also reported an increase in the number of British start-ups helping to create solutions for overseas issues such as solar-powered phone charger business Buffalo Grid.

The US was reported to be home to the largest share of NT100 ventures – 37 of the 100, including Google’s self-driving car – but interestingly 25 of the American ventures were found to have been developed in the UK.

Spanning several regions, the 27 UK start-ups selected for the NT100 2014 are:

  1. Buffalo Grid
  2. Casserole Club
  3. Digital Explorer
  4. DrDoctor
  5. Euan’s Guide
  6. Flattr
  7. Gamethenews
  8. GlobalGiving
  9. Gravity Light
  10. Ianxen-rapid
  11. Iprobobno
  12. Lifebox
  13. Lend with Care
  14. Open Utility
  15. Openstreetmap
  16. Ostom I Alert Sensor
  17. Panic Button
  18. Peek
  19. Restart Project
  20. Reverse the Odds
  21. Sapelli
  22. Skin Analytics
  23. Speakset
  24. Special Effect
  25. Smart Glasses
  26. Teddy the Guardian
  27. Wikihouse Foundation

Discussing the NT100 2014, Nominet Trust CEO, Annika Small, said: “There is a striking progression in the quality and maturity of this year’s NT100, indicative of a wider evolution in the ‘tech for social good’ sector as a whole.”

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“Technology is a powerful enabler of social innovation. The NT100 shows how improved access to technology is making it possible for people to take action and develop radically new solutions to the problems that they face in their communities.”

Simon Devonshire, Wayra Europe director and entrepreneur-in-residence for the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills, added:

“Social tech has been bubbling away under the surface in recent years but the 2014 NT100 demonstrates that now is the time we should all sit up and pay attention. Many of these projects are beginning to scale up, or have the potential to do so in the near future. Given the right support, they will reach a point where their global social impact can match their ambition.”

To see the full list of the NT100 2014 businesses, click here.


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