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30 ways to win without ‘winging it’

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Whether it’s marketing your business on a budget, raising finance, or hiring staff to support growth, the feeling of ‘winging it’ will no doubt be all too familiar for start-ups and small businesses.

All new and growing businesses have to overcome challenges– and the good news is you’re not alone.

To help your business ‘win’, instead of ‘winging it’, business broadband and phone provider Plusnet, and, have produced an eBook covering three of the most common knowledge gaps identified among business owners: marketing, funding and talent.

This eBook guide – free for you to download – is part of the Plusnet Pioneers programme; an exciting series of events, content and mentoring to inform and inspire small businesses like yours.

The programme, supported by a panel of business leaders and successful entrepreneurs, or ‘Pioneers’, is dedicated to helping small businesses grow and to answer those big business questions that often keep founders like you awake at night.

Alongside comprehensive advice on the three core themes, you’ll also find 30 brilliant tips from our Pioneers on how to build a better business.

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