£3,000 broadband vouchers on offer for rural start-ups and small businesses

Government is considering rolling-out vouchers in a bid to boost internet connectivity across the UK with scheme set to benefit "tens of thousands of companies"

The government is focusing its attentions on small businesses in rural areas of Britain with new proposals to offer broadband vouchers worth up to £3,000 to companies with poor internet connectivity.

According to the proposals – which are being considered ahead of the Budget on March 8 – the scheme has the potential to benefit tens of thousands of companies in need of better broadband.

It’s thought that the scheme will see companies group together to spend their vouchers, therefore giving providers an incentive to install broadband in previously ignored areas.

There is also talk of a second proposal to encourage local councils to install broadband in schools, libraries and GPs to boost connectivity.

The news follows government announcements made last year by former business secretary Sajid Javid which pledged to increase the level of affordable and high-quality broadband available to businesses with plans to roll-out super fast broadband this year.


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