4 great start-ups: Apps and tips to help you work smarter

Want to make the most of working remotely? Find out the apps you should be using right now and our interviewees' golden rules for success…

Working smarter, from anywhere, is becoming easier than ever – and that’s primarily down to technology. And an integral part of that, is the vast array of apps entrepreneurs can now choose from to help them run their businesses more efficiently.

From apps such as Mailbox, that help you manage your emails to achieve the “inbox zero” dream, to online banking apps that make handling your finances on the go possible, our four interviewees share with Startups.co.uk their favourite apps for running a business while on the move.

And alongside their recommended apps, find out their one golden rule for success to help you make the most of that inevitable time away from the office…

This film was produced in partnership with O2 for Business. To be inspired or read more about working anywhere, working smarter, marketing, and for tech advice go to businessblog.o2.co.uk

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