4 great start-ups: How they do business on the move

The founders of four inspiring young businesses share how they achieve the work smart, on the move, dream

The nature of business has changed. Heavily reliant on technology, more global than ever before, and always on the move, entrepreneurs are choosing to squeeze every last moment out of their day.

We spoke to these four start-up founders to find out how they’re running and growing their businesses.

  • Amelia Humfress, CEO of Steer, the company teaching people to code in London
  • Darren Litton, chocolate café Cocoba’s ‘chief chocoholic’
  • Harriot Pleydell-Bouverie, the ‘chief whisk’ at premium marshmallow brand Mallow and Marsh
  • and Amer Hasan, CEO of Minicabit, the mobile app to compare and book cabs from hundreds of operators

And there’s almost nowhere that’s off-limits now to keep them working on the move. Home, coffee shops, and co-work spaces may be the locations of choice for many business owners today, but for our founders there are public spaces aplenty that double up as a mobile office.

Libraries, hotels, airports, trains, ensure there’s no longer a need to take a day out of the business to travel to and from a key client, partner or supplier.

And they reveal that travel is making them more, not less, productive and responsive to stakeholders. The added benefit is the ability for these business owners to put a face to a brand, to take on speaking engagements and network at events, while neatly juggling their commitment to managing staff back at base.

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