4 great start-ups: How to use different devices effectively

Four entrepreneurs discuss how they use their different devices to “keep in touch with everything and everyone”, wherever they are

As more entrepreneurs work on the go – whether that’s on the train while travelling, catching up in a coffee shop or popping in to a co-work space between meetings – the tools at their fingertips have become increasingly important.

Thanks to huge advancements in technology, smartphones, tablets and laptops are now easier than ever to use and carry with you. There’s no need to be sat at a fixed PC to work when modern devices allow you to not only email and call on the go but access working documents, sign important contracts and chat with your team via messaging apps.

But which devices are the most effective for working remotely? And should you being using different devices depending on the task at hand? Amelia Humfress of Steer, Darren Litton of Cocoba, Harriot Pleydell-Bouverie of Mallow and Marsh and Amer Hasan of Minicabit share their thoughts…

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