5 actionable tips for a faster, more secured WordPress business site

If your business uses content publishing platform WordPress make sure you're taking steps to look after it or face the consequences. Here's how...

Your website is your most valuable investment. Keeping it in tip-top shape must be on top of your list if you want it to succeed for years to come. To take good care of business site means to optimise it for speed and security.

When it comes to speed, half of web visitors leave sites that do not load within three seconds. Even a few seconds of delay would negatively affect your bottom line. That includes your traffic, engagement, conversions, and sales.

Security of WordPress sites has also become a hot topic these days. The reason why WordPress sites are a common target for hackers is that it is a highly popular platform. The number of WordPress sites worldwide has reportedly skyrocketed to over 75 million – this includes huge brands.

Like tending a physical store, business owners must also do the same for their site. If you need effective strategies to ensure that your WordPress site stays fast and secured, check them out below.

Choose a better, more reliable web hosting provider

Factors which make a web host great are speed, security, and support. Remember not to be carried away by a web host just because of its name. It pays to do some research yourself.

Narrow down your WP hosting options by checking for customer reviews. You may also want to speak with customer support representatives via chat to raise your concerns on speed and security before purchasing. Make sure that you are satisfied with their responses and that they are always available to provide prompt solutions when needed.

Also, find out whether your hosting provider of choice offers daily automated backups to safeguard important content and information from being lost (in case of accidents).

Lastly, to take your website and hosting game to the next level, opt for geo-targeted hosting. Meaning, if you’re a UK-based WordPress website that targets Google UK, enroll with a WP optimized UK hosting company. If you have a German Magento site, opt for Magento .de hosting. This will ensure maximum search relevancy and fast server loading.

Use stronger passwords

Hackers often penetrate WordPress sites by targeting user passwords. The main reason why passwords exist is to keep websites safe from unwarranted intrusions. Hacking attempts become more difficult with stronger passwords. You may dislike the idea of a strong password since it’s hard to recall but put in mind that a hacked website is even more difficult to deal with.

Be wary of using online password generators. A best practice would be to create your own password that has a combination of numbers, symbols, and letters (both uppercase and lowercase). Avoid using your personal information as password. Most of all, never use your WordPress password as a password for your other accounts – like email and social media.

Reduce the size of your images

Another simple yet effective method to ensure a faster WordPress site is to optimise your images by reducing their size. A large image size loads slowly and this can frustrate customers who rely on your images when choosing products.

High-quality images don’t have to be heavy. The good thing is that there are tons of web applications that readily compress images without sacrificing quality. Without using free online compression tools, you can readily open an image in Photoshop and try the Save for Web tool.

In terms of image format, Crazy Egg suggests that you choose JPEG.

Avoid using the default “admin” username

Your username is another common target that attackers use as portal of entry to your WordPress site. A lot of site owners rarely bother changing the default “admin” username, thinking that doing so makes no difference.

While you install WordPress, immediately remove the default username and create a new one. Remember that “admin” is a giveaway name so change it while you can.

An additional method to further decrease the chances for your site to be hacked would be to hide your WordPress username. You can do this by not using the same name for your username and public nickname. Use a different public nickname to increase obscurity.

Use a Content Delivery Network (CDN)

A Content Delivery Network (CDN) is responsible for delivering web content to users depending on their geographical location. Since several businesses aim to gain a wider reach, taking advantage of a CDN ensures that their target audiences from anywhere in the world get to view their content without delay.

By helping you save money on your limited bandwidth, you can better handle massive traffic and let your customers enjoy a fast-loading WordPress business site. There are CDN services that provide a free trial period. See what works for you.

Also, check where the bulk of your website visitors come from. You may want to choose a CDN service that distributes globally so that you attract more customers regardless of their location.

Final Thoughts

Boosting the performance of your WordPress site by working on speed and security leads to more rewarding customer experiences. By preventing problems like slow loading pages and data breaches before they happen, you’ll increase your customers’ level of trust and encourage them to keep doing business with you.


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