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5 entrepreneurs’ favourite company logos

We asked a group of leading business owners to name their favourite logos. Here's what they said...

Joe Cohen, Seatwave

I am a huge fan of the work of Saul Bass, who's kind of the Walt Disney of logos.  His works are classic and timeless and really convey a feeling about the brand.  The Soundcloud logo is very much in the Bass style; the image tells you about music and the cloud, and the use of orange really stands out. 

Another favourite is Mendeley. Again, this is very similar to Bass' Westinghouse logo, but it really conveys the feeling around the connection with the M. It also evokes atomic models, which gets you to the science.

Finally, I can't leave out Santander. The flame on the red background maybe tells us too much about the health of the banking industry today!  Seriously, I can't tell you why it resonates for me – maybe they've just exposed it to me so much, or maybe it's my mortgage!

Nicko Williamson, Climatecars

Monocle is great due to its clean design, and application on the branding. This is a great new brand, and it seems to be widening its application from magazines to clothing, and now radio.

I also really like B&B Italia for its slick Italian design (exactly what Italy does best) and Tods  – I'm a big fan of the brand and their shoes. The brand says quality and craftsmanship. Finally Hermes expresses classic French design, luxury at its best.

Alistair Mitchell, Huddle

Can we say ours?!  Apart from that, I'd say Bentley. Not just because I love cars, but because in the ‘Flying B' they portray luxury, historic origins, motorsport heritage, speed and that essential Britishness – not bad in just a single letter!

Charlie Mullins, Pimlico Plumbers

First, I'd like to highlight our own Pimlico Logo, since I have spent 32 years building it in to something that represents the ethos of Pimlico Plumbers; quality workmanship and transparency of pricing, all delivered by courteous polite and efficient engineers.

Next is the logo of The Prince's Trust, the most impressive charity in the UK, responsible for giving a chance to kids from similar backgrounds to myself, and one that is present on every one of my 150 strong fleet of vans.

Finally, I'd like to mention Capital FM – the voice of London, the radio station that brightens up the day for millions of people in the capital, and another organisation that does loads for charity.

Warren Bennett, A Suit That Fits

I know I'm biased, but I'm actually really proud of A Suit That Fits' logo. Last August, we unveiled a re-brand; we'd been working with branding agency Brandhouse to create a new look and feel for A Suit That Fits to reflect the quality of the product and service we offer as well as the accessibility of our brand. Our logo is a pin with our name through it – we're delighted with it and embroider it into every single suit we produce!

I also like how the Innocent Smoothies logo communicates the brand as local and friendly. It's simple but striking and works really well with the brand messages. Another favourite is Apple – one of the most iconic modern-day logos, and very strong visually, as much thanks to its forward-thinking and innovative product offering as its design.

Finally, I've always been very fond of the bold but retro Leica logo. I can't put my finger on why, the white on red in that font just works so well and oozes simple, focused quality.


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