5 golden rules to raise finance and take your business to the next level

Confused about what kind of funding you need? Watch this video to find out the top tips from the Plusnet Pioneers Funding Masterclass...

Securing funding can seem daunting at first, but there are all sorts of different ways to finance your start-up and grow your business – once you know where to look!

That’s why Startups.co.uk together with business broadband and phone provider Plusnet assembled an expert panel – the Plusnet Pioneers – for a free funding masterclass that took place in Birmingham in March 2017.

The panel discussion, chaired by Startups.co.uk, included the UK’s best loved brands and most successful start-ups, including: entrepreneur investor and personal finance expert Sarah Willingham; CEO of GripIt Fixings and Dragons’ Den, Jordan Daykin; founder and inventor of rapid mobile phone charger Petalite, Leigh Purnell; and CFO of the UK’s first online discretionary investment management company Nutmeg, Tracy Sambrook.

In this video, Sarah Willingham outlines the questions an entrepreneur must ask before starting to seek funding.

“The first thing I would ask is why am I raising the money and do I even need to? What exactly are you going to spend that money on and what is it going to return? I think a lot of that dictates the type of finance that you might choose to raise.”

For more of Willingham’s insights and to reveal the Plusnet Pioneers’ five golden rules of funding, watch this video.

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