5 golden rules to hire talented people – and keep them happy!

Having trouble assembling the right team for your start-up? Watch this video to find out the top tips from the Plusnet Pioneers Talent Masterclass...

Recruiting the right people is important for any business so start-ups can’t afford to make hiring mistakes.

That’s why business broadband and phone provider Plusnet together with Startups.co.uk assembled an expert panel – the Plusnet Pioneers – for a free talent masterclass and Q&A.

The panel discussion which took place in Manchester in March 2017, was chaired by Startups.co.uk and included the UK’s best loved brands and most successful start-ups, including: CEO of Plusnet, Andy Barker; founder of human resource company HR180; Jo Harman; Head of Talent at Karma Group; and co-founder of online recruitment marketplace Hiring Hub, Simon Swan.

Ben Bilboul CEO of Karmarama shares how to get the most out of your employees:

“We hire people that we know are going to work well together. Define what good looks like and where you’re trying to go to and then give as much responsibility and empowerment to your team to do that. People will always surprise you if you give them that responsibility, you’ll be blown away by their creativity and their resourcefulness.”

For more from Bilboul and to hear the rest of the Plusnet Pioneers' five golden rules of hiring and keeping talent in your business, watch the video above.

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