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5 Logo design services: How to choose which service is right for your business

Startups takes a close look at the logo design options available to small businesses – investigating prices, processes, quality and speed

Logo design service 1: The logo generator
Logo design service 2: The DIY logo maker or builder
Logo design service 3: Custom logo design
Logo design service 4: Bespoke logo design
Logo design service 5: Branding agency service

The spectrum of logo design services available to small businesses is constantly expanding and can be a daunting process to face when starting out.

However, it is important that the array of choice doesn't  put you off. Choosing to invest in a professional logo is a crucial decision for small businesses that are serious about their future. A unique look can give a customer confidence in your service by making your business seem well-established and reliable. However, getting the logo design service which is right for your business and budget can be a challenge.

From logo generators and DIY logo makers, to professional graphic designers that hand-draw a bespoke design – the number of ways to get a professional look for your business is growing. In this article, we take a closer look at what you'll be confronted with when you type “logo design” into Google, so you can make an informed decision.

What does an ideal logo design service look like?

Startups' research revealed that price, ease of process, quality of design and speed of turnaround are the four most important qualities to small business owners when undergoing the process of getting a professional logo. We decided to use these qualities as the basis for our logo comparison criteria and have evaluated each service against these four points.

So, which service is best for you? Click the button below or the links above to find out.


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  1. The first 2 methods are a “BIG NO”. Reason: Because they all suck big time. I would rather find talented logo designers online. Sure it takes a hell lot of effort but its totally worth it. I was lucky enough to find someone from India. My friends referred me to him. The prices are cheap but the quality is top class. I finally got a logo but now I have been successfully running a logo design start up in UK. LOL. I have no clue what logo designing is but I order logos from India and then sell it to my clients. My clients think I’m the designer 😀 It’s been a year and the business is booming.