5 reasons why email is a powerful first marketing step for new businesses

While it may not be glamorous, email marketing is a highly-targeted, cost-effective and measurable way of reaching your audience

The prospect of taking those first steps to marketing your new business can be daunting. And with limited resources, you need a channel that’s affordable and easy to put into practice.

Whilst those loud, large-scale channels might seem like a great way to get noticed, ploughing cash you don’t have into elaborate but ineffective strategies is a sure-fire way to waste it.

Your business will be left no more visible than it was before and with even less to spend on a new campaign.

But what can you do that’s affordable, accessible, and delivers measurable results?

How about email marketing?

It might not be the most glamorous form of marketing, but email predates even the internet, first emerging in the 1960s and morphing into something very close to contemporary email by the mid-1970s.

People are familiar with email: it’s a simple, proven, and effective initial marketing strategy that’s within the means of any business regardless of size or stage.

Here’s five reasons why new businesses should kick their marketing efforts of with an email campaign:

Email marketing is simple

Kicking off an initial email marketing campaign requires relatively little resource or in-depth knowledge, allowing you to focus on the everyday tasks of running and growing your business.

Once you established what you want to achieve and defined your message, an email marketing campaign is fairly easy to implement. Many providers will even create the content for you and manage the campaign. The content can be as simple or complex as you like depending on your intentions.

After that, you can track a whole host of valuable and easy to understand metrics to test its effectiveness including: delivery rates, bounce rates, click through and open rates, or even the number who subscribe or unsubscribe.

Email marketing is cost-effective

Compared to more expensive channels like social media and out-of-media, email marketing is an extremely cost-effective way to reach thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of business customers or consumers.

For new businesses on a tiny budget, email marketing allows you to make a relatively small financial commitment with a guarantee that your message will be seen. You can then try different approaches to see which works best before investing in a larger campaign.

Email marketing is scalable

Once you’ve tested an email campaign’s effectiveness with the aforementioned metrics, you can start to tweak your emails to improve them and scale up the number of subscribers or customers you want to reach.

You can afford to be specific about who you’re targeting with your email marketing, meaning it’s just as easy to reach 10 customers as it is to reach 1,000.

Email marketing is effective

Email is a highly targeted form of commercial communication, allowing you to get your message in front thousands of relevant and potential customers, with a high open and click rate.

Depending on your needs, providers can use accurate and reliably sourced data to compile targeted groups in a number of classifications including geographical location, type of company, size of company, job role, or even more specific: number of computers, number of sites, or even new or struggling companies.

This enables you to be create laser-focused content that’s bound to hit home with its intended audience, or even highly personalised messages using customer names. That means more clicks and more customers.

Email marketing can complement a multi-channel strategy

Simple and versatile, email can be easily integrated into a multi-channel strategy; whether it’s social media, door drop, TV or radio, email is an effective complementary channel that will ensure your message gets noticed.

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