5 reasons why PDF software really matters for your business

How to save time and money by shopping around for your software supplier

You might think PDF software isn’t all that important, and that you can cope without it, or are happy with your existing software. Think again, you’ll be amazed at how much time and money can be saved with one simple change.

1. PDF is now standard in the workplace

PDF has become the standard way to transfer digital documents in the workplace, so every business needs a tool that can handle these vital files professionally. However there are options and the biggest name doesn’t always mean the best software for you. You need to choose software that works for your business, and gives you the tools that you need to do the job in hand.

2. Productivity is essential to business growth

How about when you scan a document in and it’s upside down or there’s a page in the middle of the document you want removing? Or when you want to scan in multiple documents but don’t want to have to spend time scanning in each document separately? We’ve all been there and we know the frustration that PDFs can bring you.

PDF software can save you so much time, solving all of those problems by being able to edit text, insert and remove pages, split documents, highlight, annotate, redact and more.

3. Convert document types easily

So you’ve just been sent a PDF document, and you need to make a few small changes, maybe you need to mark up contract changes or want to edit some copy. Without PDF software you either have to print off, annotate, scan back in and email back, or copy and paste into a Word document and make your changes there. If you’ve got tables or graphics then you’re in for a whole world of pain.

However, with PDF software you can actually convert PDFs into other editable documents, such as Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint or XPS documents, and some PDF software even lets you edit in the document.

4. Is it made for business?

Built in tools often don’t have the business level processing power or functionality required. You need software that has been designed with business and ease-of-use in mind, ranging from home office all the way to enterprise, there will be software out there that suits you.

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5. The cost

This is what it really boils down to. How much is software going to cost you vs how much time you will save from these tools. Adobe Acrobat has long been the go-to PDF tool, with little choice available for those on a tighter budget without seriously compromising on performance. However, there are other enterprise solutions available, such as Nuance Power PDF.


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