3 things start-ups can learn from the “best place to work in the UK”

Jaguar Landrover has topped Bloomberg's Best Employers UK index for 2016. Startups outlines ways business owners can emulate the luxury car maker

Bloomberg has today unveiled its ‘Best Employers UK 2016’ index with car manufacturer Jaguar Landrover named the UK’s top employer, following an employee survey of 15,000 workers in over 1,600 UK-based businesses.

So just what makes Jaguar Landrover the best place to work in the UK?

According to Bloomberg, the luxury car maker ranked highest for job satisfaction – particularly whether current employees would recommend the business to a prospective employee – with an overall score of 8.56 out of 10.

To help make your start-up business a great place to work, Startups.co.uk has compiled three key lessons that you can learn from Jaguar Landrover to retain and attract employees…

1. “Award-winning” staff training

Jaguar Landrover claims to offer excellent training and development to all employees. Alongside formal training courses and programmes to help staff develop leadership and personal skills, the company says it encourages staff to think more broadly about their development; such as getting involved in wider project teams to jumping on the latest developments.

Every area of the business also has its own “Personnel Development Committee” which are formed of different people with varying backgrounds who support the career development of staff.

As a start-up business, you may be unable to afford big corporate training schemes but you could instead offer your staff one-to-one shadowing, access to short, intensive courses and e-learning programmes, or even offer job swap sessions where you arrange for your employee to swap jobs with someone from another non-competitive small business. For a full list of training options, click here.

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2. Employee benefits

Everyone who works at the car manufacturer receives a “highly competitive” salary package and range of excellent benefits which, as a start-up business owner, you can incorporate into your offering to keep staff happy and to attract new hires.

Benefits include a competitive pension plan, a minimum 25 days’ holiday, flexible working, “generous” maternity and paternity leave, and access to facilities such as gyms, sports halls and even crèches.

You might not be able to offer employees a “highly competitive” salary package or similar benefits but you could look at implementing a staff share option scheme. By offering a small share of your business’ wealth, staff are likely to be more motivated and more interested in business performance.

3. Autonomy

Lean start-ups often require employees to be able to excel in a variety of different areas, from social media and marketing to tech development, and autonomy is also a major focus of Jaguar Landrover. According to a number of reviews on The Job Crowd; a site where graduates review their employers, Jaguar enables its graduate employees to operate across a variety of areas and they are able to manage their own workload and priorities.

One review states: “Creative studio environment where you have a say on what you research as well as having some projects delegated to you. Nice team, manager is supportive and confident in his team; so no micro-management!”

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