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5 ways to win back customers with a laser-focused door drop marketing campaign

Door drops represent a highly targeted and efficient way to get your message into the homes of the people that matter

Digital marketing may have opened up a world of opportunities when it comes to reaching out to new and current customers alike, but if you want a truly laser-focused campaign, you need to think about door drops.

With the scope to get your material inside all of the UK’s 29 million households and the tools to identify your primary targets, door drops are a highly targeted and efficient way to put your business into the hands of the people that matter.

Once they’re in, research from Royal Mail MarketReach has found that door drops stay in the home for an average of 38 days; that’s a long time for your message – if effectively designed – to work its magic. In fact, analysis has found that 92% of people read door drops that are delivered to their home and 67% were prompted to make a purchase.

But how can you ensure your door drops are going to have maximum impact – follow these five rules and you can’t go far wrong…

1. Know who your customers are

This goes without saying really: knowing your customers is knowing how to target them effectively – understanding what they like, what they respond to and what doesn’t work.

Geo-demographic targeting and database profiling give you the power to identify postcodes where customers with the same profile as your existing ones live, allowing you to narrow the focus of your campaign and be confident your communications are delivered to addresses where they’ll have the most impact.

2. Know your goal

If you don’t know what you’re trying to achieve with your marketing campaign then how can you develop an appropriate strategy?

Whether it’s to promote a new product or drive footfall in a particular shop, choose specific, achievable goals rather than vaguely defined and out of reach ones.

Think SMART: Specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-bound.

Lancashire-based Diamond Contract Cleaners knew they wanted to both build their customer base and retain existing ones, so they started by sending 40,000 brochures annually to new and existing postcodes within a local travel catchment for their operators. This eventually grew into 150,000 annual brochures and netted the company a 3:1 return on investment.

3. Be creative

No bound by the format limitations of print advertising, or the lack of physicality of digital, door drops offer unparalleled opportunity for creativity.

There’s only one rule: it has to fit through a standard UK letterbox.

On average, that gives you a very generous 12 by two inches to play with; plenty of room to get creative with some truly eye-catching and engaging material.

At the same time, remember to keep the message strong and simple; the reader should be able to understand the nature of the communication at a glance, whether it’s an offer, an opening or an exciting announcement.

When trying to drive cat owners into its store, Bulk Cat Litter Warehouse took the truly novel approach of spraying each door drop with concentrated catnip and delivering them to houses within driving range of their store. The cats drew their owners to the door drop and the door drops drew the owners to the store, which experienced a spike in customers and sales.

4. Hit them hard with a multi-platform message

Hammer home your message with a cross-platform strategy and use the door drop for that killer blow. Having been exposed to your communications already, either online or in an email, immediate recognition of your core message will encourage them to interact and, hopefully, act.

5. Measure the response and refine your approach

Door drops are a great source of data-mining, giving you the opportunity to gather invaluable information about your customers when they redeem a voucher or respond to an offer. This can be used to fuel the creation of even more targeted and effective campaigns.

Another home cleaning start-up, Ultra was hoping to beat off competition from eight local rivals. Targeting key audiences by postcode, the company made sure its communications were clearly coded to track product, message and campaign performance. It saw an impressive 100% uplift in sales.

Download Royal Mail’s comprehensive guide on using door drops to help your business grow here. If you haven’t used Royal Mail door drops for 18 months or have yet to discover the power of door drop marketing you can receive a discounted introductory rate of up to 10% off your first six months of distribution.  

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