50% of UK businesses don’t have a website, according to new digital index

Lloyds Bank finds third of small and medium enterprises without “basic online skills”

New research published by Lloyds Bank has reported that 50% of the UK’s businesses and charities don’t have a website, with 29% of company owners believing online “isn’t relevant” for their business.

Created in association with Accenture and digital skills alliance Go ON UK, the study looks to measure the “digital maturity” of small and medium enterprises and charities in the country.

Surveying 1,988 small and medium-sized companies, charities, clubs and societies, the UK Business Digital Index found that, of those interviewed, a third were without “basic” online skills and 75% did not invest money into improving their digital skills.

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In addition, a staggering 11% of respondents said they didn’t use the internet at all or had no access and 25% were unsure as to where they should go for online support.

Despite the negative findings, the index reported positives about business online activity with almost 1.5 small firms investing “significantly in their digital infrastructure” and two thirds of those surveyed rating themselves above, or significantly above, their digital performance expectations.

Discussing the findings on its website, Lloyds Bank said:

“We hope the resulting insights will encourage digital leaders to revisit their existing set-up, and non-digital small and medium businesses and charities to reassess the potential returns on digital investments.

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“We welcome thinking, cooperation and action from small enterprises and charities themselves and other interested parties to help drive progress.”

You can download the UK Business Digital Index here.


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