62% of small and medium-sized business owners continue to rely on USBs, CDs and desktop storage

Many business owners are failing to back-up every day, despite 90% recognising the damaging effect of losing data, says Buffalo Technology

62% of small and medium-sized businesses rely solely on external hard-drives such as USBs, CDs and desktop storage to back-up their data, according to a study by Growing Business.

The survey of 500 businesses, commissioned by Buffalo Technology, found that while 90% of small and medium-sized business owners acknowledge the damaging effect that data loss would have on the functioning of their business, over 70% do not seek the advice of an IT specialist.

Moreover, almost a quarter of respondents admitted to losing data in the past, yet only 37% claimed that they back up their essential business data every day, while just 7% back-up hourly.

With only 10% of those questioned claiming to use Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices, which provide general centralised storage solutions, sales director for Northern Europe at Buffalo Technology, Paul Hudson, urges small and medium-sized business owners to consider investing in more secure back-up storage solutions.

He said: “UK IT managers realise the importance of data storage, but they need guidance on the risks involved with using simple storage devices that are designed for consumer use, but don’t cut it when it comes to daily mass storage business use.

“Failing to backup data to the cloud, or to a networked NAS device, rather than removable media devices leaves the company at much higher risk of data loss, leakage and hacking.”


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