8 top personal finance iPhone apps

Growing Business list the top eight iPhone personal finance apps to help you save time and money

We’re all trying to cut costs, so why not get your favourite gadget to help out? Here are GB’s top eight iPhone personal finance apps to help you keep your finances in balance.

Account Tracker

You don’t have to be a finance director to operate this simple accounts app as it does all the work for you. With Account Tracker you can keep records for multiple bank accounts; it supports recurring transactions such as direct debits or payments, and lets you set up reminders for invoices that need paying, and create alerts if an account is about to go overdrawn.

Price: £1.79

Money Smart

A powerful and yet easy to use program that will help you track and understand your expenses, incomes, budgets and bills. The app tracks transactions, budgets and bills and links them all together. The app has three parts to it: expenses management, account management and budget management.

Features include full reports, the ability to email your expenses, password protection, multiple accounts and budgets, money transfers, tracking recurring and non-recurring bills, and reminders for your bills.

Price: £0.59

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UK Salary Calculator

A simple, straightforward free salary calculator that allows you to calculate take-home salary from an annual, hourly, daily, weekly or monthly wage. This calculator also allows you to easily see the difference between an old salary and a new one, and to see the effect of a pay rise or promotion.

Price: Free


MerCalc is a suite of practical, easy to use calculators designed to assist with your personal financial planning. This app can give you simple answers to typical financial queries. For example, if you want to be a millionaire, how much do you need to save each month and how long will it take? Or you can find out how long your money will last if you take an income from it.

Price: £0.59


Shareprice replaces your iPhone’s built-in Stocks app and instead of giving you results 15 minutes delayed, delivers real-time UK share information and allows you to track your investments and the market.

Features include multiple portfolios, portfolio totals, profit/loss by day and overall, Apple Push Notification alerts to help you track price movements and buy/sell at the right time and the ability to share graphs and market news.

Price: Free


iXpenseIt simplifies daily expense tracking and monthly budgeting. With iXpenseIt you can keep tabs on your outgoings, and it includes the option to photograph and store receipts. Powerful reporting provides insight to where your money went and helps you find new ways to save.

Feature include password protection, backup and restore your data, a visual indicator of monthly budget versus expenses, repeat expenses such as monthly rent, mortgages, utility bills, and mileage tracking with customisable reimbursement rates.

Price: £2.99

FYI Mileage

FYI Mileage can either be used as a standalone app or can be paired with iXpenseit. Designed to simplify your business and personal mileage, the simple interface allows you to input the car’s initial mileage reading, final reading, and add notes and details of your trip.

It can cope with multiple drivers and multiple cars and you can save frequent trips for reuse. Reports can then be emailed or exported via wifi, and trips can be posted directly into iXpenseIt for overall expense tracking.

Price: £1.79


If, like us, you work out things with a spreadsheet, then this is the answer to your prayers. With iSpreadsheet you can create spreadsheets whenever you want, and save them to the iPhone, the internet or on to your computer.

Features include Google Documents integration, and compatibility with all major spreadsheet applications (Excel, Numbers, Open Office).

Price: £1.79


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